Five Top Tips to Use Less Heating Oil

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Domestic energy bills have been rising year on year, and the rising price of oil has meant that heating oil users have felt the pinch too. Many British rural homeowners would give their eyeteeth to reduce their heating oil bills this year, and fortunately, our words of advice can help you to use less heating oil and save money on your domestic energy bills in future. Just take a look at these six easy tips to start saving straight away!

Insulate your home

In many British homes and particularly in older buildings, heat loss encourages homeowners to turn up their thermostats and thus burn more heating oil. Insulation can help to prevent heat loss from your home by retaining hot air that would otherwise be lost through walls and ceilings.

Buy an intelligent programmer

Some heating oil users could find that their energy bills are excessively high because they’re using their central heating at inappropriate times, like during working hours or while everyone is asleep. Programmers can be used to set the heating to come on at specific times and at specific intensities – only burning heating oil when you need it most.

Bleed your radiators

Over time, the radiators in your home can accumulate pockets of air that make them less efficient and cause your home to feel colder. Bleeding your radiators before the winter months can make your central heating system more energy efficient, saving you money on heating oil.

Invest in some curtains & carpets

While insulation can prevent a certain amount of heat loss in your home, thick curtains and carpets will help you to feel even warmer. Covering your windows with curtains when it’s cold outside, laying down thick rugs or carpets and even investing in draught excluders can help to keep your home’s warmth inside, where it belongs.


Take shorter showers

In all probability, your heating oil doesn’t just power your home’s radiators. Most homes with a heating oil boiler also use kerosene to provide them with hot water, meaning that long showers or baths can cost you a lot of money. Investing in a shower timer can help to save hot water and prevent you from racking up high heating oil bills each month.

There you have it – with these six easy tips, you’ll soon see your domestic energy bills drop, regardless of the current heating oil price. Keep an eye on our heating oil blog for more information on how to handle rising heating oil prices, and don’t forget to take a look at our range of heating oil products for a free, no-obligation, competitive quote today.

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